God is in the details” – L. Mies Van Der Rohe

The secret of a great projects is in the details. And when these details create a game of light and shadows your design arises emotions on everyone that can enjoy it! God is in the details as L. Mies van der Rohe used to say. Don’t forget about this when you start your project. Concept and design are great tools but without a fantastic execution a wonderful design can look sloppy! Construction documents and construction administration are essential parts of the design project! Ask thehautestudio how we can help you during each steps of your project! Great design makes your life more beautiful! Where you live and work is where you spend most of your time: don’t you think you deserve something great? Enjoy fully your everyday spaces and think about every detail. #interiordesign #architecture#interiorinspiration#luxuryinteriors#details#greatwork#luxuryinteriordesign#interiordetails#interiordesignlovers #interiorstylinghashtag#interiordesigntrends#interiordesigner#interiorinspirations#thehautestudio

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