Moodboard Wednesday!

It’s moodboard Wednesday! Join thehautestudio every Wednesday to explore a new moodboard. A moodboard is that part of the design process that gives life to the feelings and sensations you want to evoke when someone experiences your spaces. When you are able to curate your space in such a detailed way you can be sure to stir up those feelings and make your project successful!

Building a story is an essential part of the design process! Moodboards are one of the ways designers use to tell a story. This week Moodboard is inspired by the natural colors of our earth. The connection between nature and interior spaces is becoming stronger: people like to feel outside and to connect with nature. In our palette we feature this week the elegant 38 collection by BOCCI that can double as a planter, the refined Maui Armchair by Riva 1920 made from a single block of aromatic cedar that will make you feel like you are in a forest, and the eye catching Yacht Club wall covering by Phillip Jeffries Ltd that brings all the charm and warmth of woods tones into a space . A refined palette to make you feel connected with nature while seated inside. See also feature a pick of our design for Tocco restaurant chef Bruno Abate inspired by the fresh and natural tones of this palette! An adaptable palette for everyone needs! Connect with thehautestudio if you need to bring more natural elements on your project! #moodboard #mood #beinspired #interiorinspiration #elegance #interiordesign #design #inspirations #interiordesigner #interiorstyling #interiorstyling #interiorarchitecture #interiordesigntrends #interiordetails #residentialdesign #homeinteriors #homestyling #multifamilydesign #hospitalitydesign #interiordesigninspiration #designstudio #designdetails #innovativedesign #colorpalette #designmatters #becreative #thehautestudio

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